Raving Fans!

Satisfied customers just aren't good enough - we want our customers to be Raving Fans – and the secret is, regular, well-planned, Customer Engagement!

I saw a poster in a shop recently that said 'If you're happy, please tell others.  If you're unhappy, please tell us!'

As a small business, RED recognises that the only way we can ensure we get it right is for our clients to tell us when we get it wrong!  We embrace this type of feedback - it's what helps us retain our position as one of the best Customer Engagement Centres in the country. 

You don’t know what you don’t know

There is a plethora of technology out there that makes it easy for a customer to tell the world what they think – they utilise their ‘keyboard courage’ and can, potentially, do all manner of damage to your reputation, if they’re unhappy with your service.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so getting to them first is the solution and nothing beats a good old-fashioned conversation.  Unhappy customers just want to talk to a real person who appreciates the issue and offers a solution.

But I don’t have the time!

RED’s Customer Engagement Team can engage with your customers for you.

You don’t have the time, but we do.

You can concentrate on delivering your product or service, while we get to understand what your customers are thinking.  You can then use the feedback as part of your marketing:

  1. 98% of our customers think we’re great
  2. 2% weren’t happy but they are now we’ve responded to their concerns

Why bother?

It’s known that most customers would rather stay with a trusted supplier.

It’s also known that the silence of the silent majority doesn’t mean they’re happy. 

A supplier who seeks their customers’ opinions, listens to their problems and reacts positively to less than stellar feedback, puts themselves ahead of their competitors.

What’s more, RED’s ‘Customer Engagement Programme’ can bring about:

  1. Increased Customer Retention
  2. Increased Sales and Referrals
  3. Improved Service Levels
  4. Incredible content for Case Studies, Social Media, Blogs, e-mail Marketing and Networking

And we can help you make the most of utilising the feedback we gather. It can be added to your website, with your comments, be regularly refreshed and will give visitors a really positive overview of your organisation.  One delighted participant in a recent survey said:

I was phoned today by one of your staff, Linda, doing market research for a mutual contact.   Linda was so professional and it was a pleasure to receive her call.  She was a credit to both you and the customer. - Alan, Accountant in Oxfordshire

How much would it help you to have a similar campaign "done for you" and we’ll
Guarantee * you'll be delighted with the results or your money back!

* Guaranteed to generate …

Immediate sales/referral opportunities
Improvement suggestions to boost your profit
Highly relevant content for inclusion in your marketing

If we achieve none of the above we will happily refund your money in full.

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