RED – Salon Appointment Setting

You run a busy Salon.  
Your phone never stops ringing.
Your Stylists and Therapists have to stop what they're doing to answer it, or risk losing a booking!

We listen to you.  You tell us you worry about missing calls.  A missed call is potentially a missed booking worth an average of £50!  Just 10 missed calls a day means a missed potential revenue of £500!  Scale that to a month and you could be missing out on a potential revenue of £15,000!  That’s why we have created Your Salon Reception – a Reception service dedicated to the Hair and Beauty industry.

What we do:

  • Spend time getting to know you and your business
  • Give you a unique number to route calls to
  • Answer all your calls or those that can’t be answered inhouse
  • Book Appointments using your own booking software  

What you get:

  • A team of bright, self-confident Receptionists who will be an asset to your business   
  • A peaceful environment where your clients can relax and have your full attention
  • 100% of your Stylists’ or Therapists’ fee- earning time

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