Customer Care & Surveys

Surveys / Sales Follow-Up / Referrals & Testimonials

RED’s Customer Care Plan aids your business in a number of ways and is carefully structured to get the best results.

We can Survey a number of past customers and prospects you have pitched to but who you haven’t closed deals with. We tell them we are an independent organisation working on your behalf to collect feedback as part of your business improvement plan. We ask them to tell us about their experience and get them to grade their experience or opinion on a number of factors such as Value for Money; Responsiveness; Professionalism; Satisfaction with the product or service and how you might improve on any front. This service allows you to gather outside opinion in a manner and on a scale that gives you the feedback you need to confirm what your doing well or adjust your performance where you may not be doing so well.

The message to customers and prospects alike, is that you care about your business and your customers and are prepared to improve where you can. Being seen to react positively to criticism and make changes when they’re needed is a fantastic image maker for your business. Give us a call to discuss how we can construct one of these plans to suit your business.

When you have successfully closed a deal with a new customer or a repeat customer, a Sales Follow-Up Call shows that customer that you really care about what you do. We’ll ask them to tell us how the experience was for them; what they thought about the value for money; professionalism with the service and how likely they are to buy from you again. We will also check what they think could have gone better and what changes you could make to ensure they do buy from you again. We can offer them anonymity for their response or ask if it’s okay to give their own or their company name.

A Survey or a Sales Follow-Up campaign gives us the perfect opportunity to ask satisfied customers for a Testimonial for your business marketing and we will identify those customers for whom your business has made a significant difference and who value you highly, to work into a Case Study. As well as generating this content for your marketing collateral or inclusion on your website, we will ask satisfied customers who they know that would benefit from being a new customer. We’ll get contact details for each such Referral and either feed these details straight back to you or add them to your CRM for inclusion in an email campaign. We can even call them for you, tell them who referred you to them and suggest we deliver them information, or make an appointment or schedule another call.