Customer Management - Your Virtual Receptionist

RED helps you offer a first-class Customer Service experience to all your clients and potential clients. Your PA can schedule appointments in your diary, update your CRM system with new customer information, send emails on your behalf and process orders and payments.


If appointments are important to your business or people simply need to know where you are, RED can help. Its quite straightforward to set up and manage an online diary if you don’t already. Giving RED secure access is also quite simple and many of our clients do this already. We can manage caller expectations by telling them you’re in a meeting, out with a client, on holiday or otherwise engaged and advise them when they might expect a call back. We’ll take a message and let you know who called. We are also quite adept at making an appointment in your diary to save you the need to call back. You tell us the limitations to your availability, whether it’s the subject of the call, the caller or the day they want a meeting and we let you know your diary has been updated.

Watch our Customer Management video to find out how we can help you


Whether you’re out of the office or simply don’t want to be interrupted by the need to respond to email, RED can help by doing this for you. You can forward email to us or give us a log-in to your business mailbox. We can respond as if we are you or we can have a white-labelled service where we respond as your PA. This is another simple service to set up and another way to maximise your time on dealing with your speciality not the background admin.


RED has a number of clients with a variety of CRM systems and diverse requirements for what to do with caller details. If you give us a secure log-in, we can add new Prospects or Customers to your database; we can update a Diary embedded in a CRM; we can send a welcome email or a meeting notice. In fact, during our initial conversation, you tell one of our team how you manage your CRM, how we can take over some of the tasks and we’ll train our team to understand what’s required.


Many businesses have benefitted from adding a Sales Line number to their website or marketing material, engaging those people who prefer to deal with a real person rather than an electronic transaction. RED can store a product catalogue or consult one online; advise callers precisely what products they need; build a multi-item order. We can then process payment for a new order or one the caller has placed online themselves. We just need access to your online ordering and/or payment processing systems. This is all seamless to your customers and, like all our interactions with your valued customers, they believe they are dealing directly with your business when they’re talking to our team.