Haigh Engineering Case Study

Established for more than 60 years, The Haigh Group Ltd. design, manufacture and install waste water systems worldwide. Their team of highly skilled engineers create products that focus on ease of maintenance and efficiency without compromise on performance.

The problem

Haigh is passionate about Health and Safety and Customer Service. To that end, their engineers and support staff are kept busy looking after their international client-base.  While they continue to market products worldwide, they don’t have the in-house resource to concentrate on the untapped market among hospitals and nursing homes here in the UK.

The solution

Haigh has been successfully using the telephone answering services of RED Virtual Office Ltd. to help deliver a first-class Customer Service solution during evenings and weekends. After a conversation with Karen, one of RED’s Business Development Team, Jacob made the decision to enlist the help of RED’s experienced marketers.

RED’s findings were that each hospital department bought from their own choice of supplier. We were able to offer a convincing argument for purchasing from just one supplier, thus being able to take advantage of the ‘multiple buy’ savings that come with purchasing more than just one piece of equipment.

The result

Haigh has increased sales and has a database of potential clients who are delighted to be kept up to date with new products. A number of hospitals who previously bought from a variety of suppliers, are now very satisfied to deal solely with Haigh. Moreover, the investment in RED service is less than the cost and commitment that would be needed if Haigh were to employ a team of in-house marketers.

Says Haigh’s Director, Jacob Shepherd, on the benefits of engaging RED’s help: “Although Haigh is a long-established, successful company, there is no doubt in my mind that we had only touched the tip of the iceberg before Linda and her team stepped in to help. They are now an integral part of our marketing team and we couldn’t do without them.