Telephone Answering & Call Handling

If your speciality is other than being a Receptionist, the time taken to deal with just 4 interruptions, to answer, to listen to the caller, to deal with the outcome and to return to concentrating on where you were before each call, amounts to an hour of your time. We at RED don’t make these figures up, they’re the result of research by various business analysts such as the Henley Business Centre. Letting RED be your switchboard will invariably make your staff more efficient and productive by reducing the interruptions.


RED can support your business by answering all your calls in your Company Name and then routing the callers through to the most appropriate person, taking a message, or answering a query there and then. However, if you prefer to have the phone ring in your office first, it is simple to set up a system whereby the call will ‘overflow’ to our office, your auxiliary Reception team, should the call go unanswered for a few rings. You are in control at all times of whether to use us for all calls, just the overflow and for how long calls ring in your office before coming to RED.

Watch our Telephone Answering video to find out how we can help you


We use the term patching when the Reception team at RED put a caller through to a department or member of your staff, dependent on the nature of the call. We put the caller on hold momentarily while we ask if you want to accept the call. If you don’t, or if there’s no answer, we will politely explain to the caller that we’ll need to take a message, or we’ll deal with the query if it’s within our remit.


At RED we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. As a rule we don’t just take a message, we’ll answer queries when we can, we’ll take an order or process a payment and consult or update your diary. However there will be occasions when we are only able to take a message or that may be the only service you want us to provide – either way, we’re very good at that as well. All messages will be delivered to you promptly by email or text.

Extended Hours

To be able to offer your customers a first-class experience by answering their calls, regardless of the time they call, can be an expensive endeavour. RED works with a trusted partner to provide an extended service to our clients whose business stays open late or around the clock.