Virtual Office Services - Testimonials

On this page you will see a range of Testimonials about the quality of our service and professionalism of our staff. These are all from real customers, not marketing soundbites we think you’d like to see or hear.

Many of our testimonials are unsolicited, simply heartfelt thanks for a job well done

Some we have generated ourselves by executing our own Customer Surveys or Sales Follow-Up calls to ensure we’ve delivered what we promise. We’re very proud of our ethical approach to business, equally proud of the professionalism of our wonderful staff and take great delight in receiving the plaudits the teams deserve. We also practice what we preach in taking criticism on the chin if we make mistakes and responding positively with changes to ensure we learn from our mistakes and do our very best not to repeat them.

We have a number of clients for whom our service has made a significant difference to how they conduct their business, how they may have improved efficiency as a result of engaging RED’s services or who have seen a significant growth in sales. We will work these into Case Studies to illustrate what a difference we can make. Sometimes our customer will volunteer this information, sometimes we recognise it ourselves and approach the customer to ask them to help us with our Marketing and sometimes we uncover important cases we couldn’t immediately see, when we conduct our own Customer Care Programme. Many of the clients who give us Testimonials or let us build Case Studies are happy to allow us to put you in touch with them. So you can hear their thoughts straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

"Where would we be without the help of the amazing RED PAs! I used to be desk-bound waiting for the phone to ring, worried that I’d miss a new business opportunity or worse, irritate my customers by not answering their call! Now I am out and about – developing the business and keeping my customers happy. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Thanks RED – you’re brilliant!"

Kim Davis is an accomplished marketing and media entrepreneur, journalist, and presenter, who has worked with A-list celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Andre Agassi, Marc Jacobs, as well as the leaders of the world’s largest corporations and institutions, including: Harper Collins, Bayer, Imperial College, GoDaddy, and BT – Here’s what she has to say about RED

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